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3 Axis Milling


3 Axis Milling

 Lựa chọn sản phẩm SprutCAM

 3 Axis Milling

 2,5 Axis Machining
 3 Axis Milling
 4&5 Axis Milling
 Jet Cutting
 Wire EDM





   Waterline Roughing/Waterline Finishing

   Sử dụng Waterline Roughing để loại bỏ vật liệu với đường chạy dao theo        phương thẳng tại độ sâu liên tục theo trục Z     

  • Choose High Speed Machining Strategies
  • Specify Equidistant or parallel tool paths

    Plane Roughing/Plan Finishing

     Use Plane Roughing to clear material with a tool path that is offset to the      model surface

  • Specify Descent Restrictions (Maximum angles and Direction)
  • Choose toolpaths along or against contours
  • Radius inside or outside corners


    Drive Roughing/Drive Finishing


    Use Drive Roughing to clear material by tracing contours around a model


  • Specify Descent Restrictions (Maximum angles and Direction)
  • Choose toolpath raster angle
  • Radius inside or outside corners


    Optimized Plane

      Use Optimize Plane to create a complex compound tool path offset from a faceted        surface

  • Specify machining direction based on surface slope and tool engagement angle


    Combined Waterline/Drive


     Use Combined Waterline/Drive to efficiently remove material from a    contoured surface


  • Specify machining direction (top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top)
   ComplexWaterlinePlane     Complex Waterline/Plane

      Use Complex Waterline/Plane to specify removal method based on  surface facet characteristics

  • Specify Hole Capping
  • Specify machining direction based on surface slope and tool engagement angle

    Rest (Remainder) Milling


     Use a variety of rest milling strategies to remove remainder material      from corners, floors, etc.

  • Automatically compare machined result to model to identify remainder areas
  • Use Plane, Waterline, Drive, or Flat Land strategies

     3D Contouring

     Use 3D Contouring to clear material from a curved surface.

  • Specify machining sequence for multiple layers or cavities
  • Minimize non-cutting Rapid Motion
  • Specify XY Roughing Stepover




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